Mynt’s Humble Beginnings and Our Exciting Journey So Far

We thought it’d be a good time to step back and share a bit about our journey at Mynt so far. It’s been a ride, and we’re thrilled you’ve been with us through it all. Here’s a little recap:

From One to Many

It all started with one restaurant. Just one. They believed in our dream, and that was all the encouragement we needed. Today, from that single eatery, we’ve grown our presence to 13 spots. What’s more? We’re packing our bags and setting up shop in Estonia and Spain. Pretty cool, right?

The Big Number

We’ve always believed that our work speaks for itself, and our partners seemed to think the same. We recently crossed a cool 200,000€ in transactions. While it’s just a number, to us, it means trust, hard work, and many late-night pizzas.

Room ordering for hotels

While we started off with restaurants, we soon realized that hotels could benefit from our touch too. And guess what? We’re now a part of the hotel scene, making stays just a bit more comfortable. A big shoutout to the Scandic hotel chain! If you’re staying at their Tampere Train Station or Helsinki Hub locations, that room service order? That’s us!

scandic tampere station restaurant 1 MyntApp.io

What’s Next?

We’ve grown, yes, but we aren’t done. Not even close. We’ve got big dreams, and with your support, we’re confident about making them a reality. Whether it’s refining our current solutions or exploring new territories, our eyes are on the horizon.

Big thanks to everyone who believed in our idea and helped make Mynt what it is today. Here’s to more eateries, more hotels, and more memories together! Cheers! 🍻