Order & pay, right from your seat.

Start accepting orders directly from your tables to the kitchen. No more queues, automated upselling with your business in mind.

Take orders from easy-to-use QR codes directly on your tables, in your hotel rooms or anywhere you can imagine. All the menus are digital, payment done through the phone.

Find out how our partners trust us using their Mynt experience to grow their businesses.

How Mynt QR code Order & Pay works

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QRORderAndPay MyntApp.io

Fast & Hassle Free

ScanUsingPhone MyntApp.io

Scan using the phone

The menu appears in the phone, no extra hardware required.

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Ordering & Payments in the phone

Payments are done digitally.

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AI Based upselling

A self learning system which will always try to upsell the right items to your customers.

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“We have found solutions that work well in various service situations. The system feels agile, and changes are made quickly.”

Kirsi Tanninen
Project Manager

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Seamless kitchen flow

Orders through Mynt are easily handled, Mynt adapts to your kitchen operations. Using Order screens or automated printed receipts mynt is designed to fit into your existing operations.

QR ordering is simple and effective. We provide you with QR codes on each table or hotel room. Customers scan the code with their smartphones, access your digital menu, and place orders directly. It streamlines the ordering process, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall experience.
Absolutely! Mynt’s QR ordering system allows you to fully customize your digital menu. You can easily update items, add new dishes, and showcase promotions. This flexibility ensures that your menu reflects your brand and provides customers with accurate and enticing choices.

QR ordering offers multiple advantages. It significantly reduces wait times, allowing for faster table turnover. This efficiency not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts your revenue.

Additionally, it provides valuable insights into customer preferences, helping you optimize your menu and promotions for increased sales.

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