Ordering Systems in Hotels for a New Generation

Empower your guests even more with excellent room service by adding a complete hotel food ordering experience powered by Mynt.


Now they can order room service or table ordering in your hotel restaurant. Simply by scanning a QR code, they can relax into your environment with ease.

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Room orders with QR

Elevate your hotel guest experience with Mynt’s QR Room Ordering. Allow guests to conveniently order room service through their smartphones by scanning a QR code. Streamline the process, enhance guest satisfaction, and ensure efficient service delivery, making their stay memorable. Mynt makes hotel room service a seamless and modern experience.

Lobby Self Ordering

Transform your hotel lobby into a culinary hotspot with Mynt kiosks. Elevate guest satisfaction by offering a seamless and efficient dining experience. Our user-friendly kiosks enhance order accuracy and reduce workload for your staff, ensuring a delightful stay for your guests. Boost revenue, streamline operations, and make your hotel the go-to destination for a memorable dining experience

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