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Kill your queues,
non-stop orders.

No matter how busy the staff is, your restaurant should catch all the potential sales it can. 

Our Kiosks beat queues and cut costs

Unmanned kiosks are able to operate 24-7 with no breaks.

Simplify Ordering

Your customers will love how easy it is to browse your entire menu, and your team will love how easy Mynt is to manage.

Do more Sales

Mynt kiosks are developed to catch any upsell opportunity, we use the latest technology to analyze and upsell towards your customers.

Boost your growth

All the big players are going towards unmanned operations, staff shortages are one of the main reasons restaurants struggle to grow.


With a Mynt kiosk, you will cut costs and boost your profit.


Don't get limited by Queues Staff shortages Missed sales

Connected to Mynt Loyalty app

Customers can get their loyalty reward directly in Mynt.

Ordering & Payments in the Kiosk

Payments through traditional Debit & Credit Card readers.

AI Based upselling

A self learning system which will always try to upsell the right items to your customers.

Frictionless Loyalty

Designed to be simple, no extra steps for the customer and designed based on games.

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Mynt is an all in one solution which covers Self-serve through QR codes and Kiosks, Marketing & loyalty schemes for restaurants and hotels.

Our loyalty system is designed around the idea of “Coins” We setup a system for restaurants which rewards customers for their purchases in the forms of coins, coins can then be used in your chain through mynt.

Yes! Mynt is able to connect to the kiosk if the customer scans the code, this allows you to passively build up a loyal customer base.

For transactions we charge a small transaction fee meaning Mynt only costs when it’s serving your customers. Slow day? No costs!


The kiosks are rented separately where pricing depends on volume.

We are convinced you will love Mynt. Therefore we offer a no questions asked return policy.  If Mynt does not work for you, let us know and we’ll take it back with no extra fees.

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Learn how Mynt can help your restaurant or hotel to grow, adapt your loyalty and install self-serve solutions.