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Self-service systems for restaurants

Sell more, reduce queues and cut costs with Mynt

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Find out how our partners trust us using their Mynt experience to grow their businesses.

We’ve got you covered

With our modern approach to loyalty and plug-and-play self-serve systems, we at Mynt help you cut costs and modernize your business.

Table ordering from in-house QR code & pay from table, straight to your kitchen

Super simple self serve kiosks, now developed to be used in any restaurant with no extra hassle.

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Self learning algorithm which handles your upselling on autopilot, no extra work necessary.

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Take Orders

The entire ordering process goes digital, free up your team to work and catch more customers with self serve kiosks or QR ordering.

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Make it yours

Mynt kiosks can be customized to fit your brand no matter what it might be.

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Self Learning

Want to sell more at your restaurant?
Mynt’s easy-to-use system suggests popular dishes to customers, helping you boost sales effortlessly. Think of it as a friendly waiter who knows just what to recommend

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“We have found solutions that work well in various service situations. The system feels agile, and changes are made quickly.”

Kirsi Tanninen
Project Manager

You're in good company

Simply put, Mynt is your go-to solution for ordering in your location, we have all the fancy AI that enables you to sell more, without the headache of learning something new.

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Get Mynt Today.

Self Serve, Table Ordering & AI Driven