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Why Your Business Needs a Contactless Loyalty Solution


The way businesses and customers interact in the retail and hospitality industries has been significantly impacted by COVID-19.

While contactless payment methods were already capturing an increasing percentage of all point-of-sale transactions globally, the demand for contactless loyalty cards and contactless loyalty suppliers has increased even more recently.

Simply put, this extraordinary pandemic has just sped up the global transition to a contactless society. Previously, contactless payments and reward programs were only about convenience; today, they are also about safety. A contactless loyalty solution is a modern way forward. 

What makes contactless loyalty so pivotal?

Naturally, 2020 has required a significant shift toward contactless interactions of all types; thus, consumer loyalty has had to change.

Contactless loyalty solutions have significantly impacted the customer experience this year across various sectors, including retail, food and drinks, hotel, technology, finance, and tourism.

While regular loyalty programs are straightforward to start and contactless transactions are simple to handle (provided you have the necessary tools), contactless loyalty is a little more complicated.

Benefits of Digital Solution for Businesses 

Contactless technology has made new and effective avenues for brands to identify and interact with their customers to promote spending. 

Customers may now open a menu, choose things, pay, and redeem rewards using just their mobile smartphone and a QR code or NFC reader without ever interacting with a POS.

 Let’s look at how these experiences are revolutionizing the marketing landscape for brands:

  • It offers Customization

Companies can give their cards a personalized touch by using digital tools. When a user enters their card information into Apple Wallet or Google Pay, their name is shown. Personalization helps businesses establish long-lasting customer relationships and encourages people to support their brands.

  • It is Future-oriented

In today’s environment, artificial intelligence and machine learning are everywhere. We must anticipate future technology breakthroughs. With a digital rewards program, you may upgrade your schedule and keep up with technological advancements.

  • It keeps an eye on consumer behavior

Digital rewards programs help businesses since they can monitor consumer behavior. Once a customer’s transactions are linked to an online account, businesses can obtain a complete picture of their buying habits.

The Bottom Line 

Of course, maintaining outstanding brand experiences for customers is the main objective, but with little to no contact.

The finest tool you have for supporting this process is a well-designed digital loyalty program. Why? Because it enables you to easily combine loyalty points, VIP benefits, and experiential rewards with contactless functions like mobile check-in, in-app payment, and email receipts for a better customer experience. It is the best loyalty solution. 

Get in touch with us and see how Mynt can dovetail into your businesses growth. With so much on offer, you can trial our solutions for 30 days and cherry pick your ideal implementation.

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