Ordering Systems for Restaurants​

The Mynt loyalty program and ordering systems for restaurants is the solution for your business to garner more customers.Push your brand where it belongs, in the hands of your customers.
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Self Serve Kiosks

Transform your restaurant experience with Mynt’s self-serve kiosks. Cut queues, reduce costs, and boost customer satisfaction. Our intuitive, brand-customizable kiosks streamline ordering, enhance efficiency, and increase sales through AI-powered upselling. Elevate your service with Mynt’s innovative self-serve solution.
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QR Table Ordering

Revolutionize your restaurant with Mynt’s QR Code ordering. Say goodbye to queues and give your customers the power to order effortlessly from their smartphones. It’s a seamless, cost-effective solution to enhance your business operations. Upgrade to Mynt’s QR Code ordering for a modern, efficient, and satisfying dining experience.

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