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How Digital Loyalty Apps Work And Why Your Business Should Have One?


An excellent approach to keep customers coming back is through digital loyalty programs. They provide discounts and incentives for purchases, which can draw more customers and entice them to return. While many loyalty programmes are available, maintaining them frequently takes time and effort.

However, you’ll be able to design and manage your unique program quickly using a digital loyalty app. With the aid of these apps, you can easily keep your consumers satisfied and encourage them to support your company.

What is Digital Loyalty App?

Instead of using a paper or plastic card, loyalty apps let users interact with a company’s loyalty program using a smartphone. Depending on the loyalty app technology used, it may operate differently but they generally work the same way. A customer makes a purchase, a reward is given and then the incentive is used at a later time.

There are numerous loyalty program app providers on the market, and they all vary a little bit from one another. At Mynt, we’ve developed our own app to make it easier so customers save on development costs. You can download the iOS Mynt version and the Android Mynt version to take a look.

What benefits does the mobile loyalty app offer?

Customer engagement, customer retention, and loyalty are all improved through mobile apps. The end-users of the loyalty applications receive both transactional and non-transactional rewards.

Non-transactional value directly results from using a brand’s services or products to make a purchase. The most well-liked are:

  • Paying with digital currency or coins and coupons codes
  • complementary goods or services
  • access to limited or pre-sale deals

On the other hand, loyalty mobile apps may offer pleasantries unrelated to the brand’s promotion. Consider the following illustrations of non-transactional value:

  • For returns, no receipt is required.
  • Committed customer service
  • Purchasing features like a payment gate or progress tracking
  • Invites to private parties
  • Gifts unrelated to the company’s prominent promotion
  • Free offerings
  • Educational resources

There are several values that brands may spread. Ultimately, it’s all about providing the customer with unique extra value that can’t be offered through traditional sales or marketing channels. A client can readily access these values and avoid carrying a loyalty card in their wallet by using the mobile channel, another value add to your offering.

How to Use a Loyalty App to Keep Your Customers Happy

Running a loyalty program can take time in the beginning. There are several things to keep track of, including awards, rewards, points or in our case real coins, and sign-up bonuses. Running your own in-person or in-store loyalty program requires time away from regular activities to keep it operating successfully.

This is why you benefit significantly from having a digital loyalty app you don’t have to create from scratch.

The app doesn’t use your valuable time because it is available online and operates in real-time. You only need to submit the relevant details about your company and loyalty program, after which you can sit back and relax while the software handles everything. All you have to do is concentrate on your business. At the same time, this digital loyalty software helps satisfy your customers because it will automatically track all their points and totals!

Why You Should Use a Loyalty App

A loyalty app helps a business in a variety of ways:

  • It Enables You To Tailor Your Offers.

Numerous people anticipate receiving personalised offers from businesses based on their past purchases. Additionally, roughly half of customers frequently buy items they didn’t initially intend to after getting a personalized recommendation. Only 22% of loyalty programme participants say they are delighted with the level of personalization they receive, demonstrating how underappreciated personalization is as a success element for loyalty programmes.

By offering consumer segmentation and targeting capabilities based on basket-level data, a loyalty app can significantly increase sales (ultimately turning payment information into actionable insights). Additionally, it saves clients time when looking for new products.

  • You’ll See Faster Business Growth.

Businesses can be flexible with their rewards thanks to loyalty apps. You will better understand your target audience, their demands, and their preferences because any ideas can be tested in practice immediately. As a result, you will be able to customize your marketing initiatives to meet their needs, which will help your sales and company flourish.

  • It Allows You To Be Different From Competitors

What could be better than a product that stands out from the competition? Being inventive will help you draw in more potential clients and retain them. You must put the customer experience first before you can begin to construct your digital customer loyalty programme. 

  • It Aids You In Maintaining Consistent Contact With Your Customers

A typical customer checks their phone more than 50 times per day. This access, made possible by a loyalty app, enables your company to keep in constant contact with its customers and ensure they will be open to receiving messages from marketing campaigns. With a push notification option, you can draw their attention to the critical updates better and more quickly.

Join The New Generation Of Customer 

You can keep your consumers satisfied and they’ll keep coming back for more with the proper digital loyalty program.

Using a digital loyalty app is also a way to thank your customers for their loyalty. You can provide special offers and discounts depending on how many purchases they make or how many new purchases they make. They will feel they have accomplished something by accumulating coins they can actually spend and will be more inclined to keep doing business with you.

Additionally, customers will feel appreciated and confident in returning to your business or website. In the Mynt app, our network will grow exponentially. Over time more restaurants and bars will join the Mynt family. It only means more places people can spend their Mynt coins on.

Get in touch and we’ll give you a free trial for 30 days. A non-invasive free solution in your restaurant that brings you customers. What a win/win situation for you.

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