10 Amazing Reasons To Use A QR code For Orders In Your Restaurant

The hospitality sector is looking for contactless ordering to help it recover as the globe prepares for a post-pandemic future.

Restaurants are increasingly providing sit-in customers with QR codes for table ordering. It’s an excellent option for many hospitality enterprises, including restaurants, pubs, hotels, stadiums, and movie theatres.

Using a QR code menu in your restaurant has many benefits in addition to the more obvious ones like hygienic improvements and social separation.

Reasons to order with QR Code

There are several excellent reasons to employ a QR code menu at a restaurant, ranging from social distance to higher order values. These ten arguments are pretty compelling, in our opinion. People ordering with QR codes use them for its ease of use as well as being super efficient to the younger audience.

1. Reduced print costs

The menu is frequently changed in numerous restaurants. Each time the chef adds a new item to the menu or runs out of one, updating the print version of the menu costs money. On the other hand, a QR code menu allows for digital modifications to be made as and when necessary without incurring additional costs. Especially good for the environment too.

2. Limit staff interactions with customers

This is a significant benefit for several reasons, particularly since minimal interaction is currently encouraged. Besides, when they must deliver the food, QR menus minimise worker and client interaction. This prevents any contamination from spreading to your personnel or consumers. You’ll also benefit with reduced HR costs in the long run.

3. Effective visuals

Images of delicious cuisine that instantly make your mouth swim are excellent marketing tactics. Due to space constraints, it is not practical to include photos of every item on physical menus. However, a digital menu allows you to incorporate as many stunning images of culinary products as you’d like.

4. Easy-to-update menu

Updating the menu quickly streamlines the procedure for consumers and staff, as was previously indicated concerning cost savings on printing. An item can be marked as sold out on the app if it runs out on a particular night.

5. Improved design

With a solid user experience at the core of a digital menu’s design, it’s simple to highlight the most well-liked items and raised order values.

6. Promotion for app downloads

You might make the most of promoting your QR code menu by encouraging guests to download your restaurant’s app or possibly making it necessary to download the app to place an order. Your QR code may be immediately linked to the app store to encourage customers to download the app.

7. Increase table turnover time

Serving as many clients as possible without making anyone feel hurried out the door is one of the major problems facing a restaurant manager. Customers can scan the QR code menu as soon as they are seated, saving them from having to wait to place their order as they wait for a waiter to see them.

8. Amassing customer information

The QR code ordering system makes it easy to gather client information because customers enter a phone number or email address when placing an order. Your system can record this data and utilise it to promote to customers in the future, boosting client loyalty and retention.

9. Brand recognition on social media

Link your QR code menu to your social media to use it as additional advertising. Encourage consumers to review the restaurant or to take a picture of their food. As a result, your brand will receive more social media attention and gain more clients. Be sure to harness the power of hashtags and own your piece of the extra marketing you can get from it.

10. Puts an end to customers sharing menus.

Having fewer items for diners to touch while using a QR code menu at a restaurant is a significant advantage. When choosing what to eat and drink, a group of people frequently pass a menu around a table. Now they can carry the app in their pocket or use the digital menu when they next visit.

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