Digital Orders Are Here To Stay And Restaurants Are Back.

It’s no secret that 2020 and 2021 were hectic for restaurateurs. Lockdowns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions on dine-in seating, and social estrangement have forced both restaurant owners and patrons to change course and look for fresh approaches to providing service and enjoying meals. All of this is to say that during the past two years, restaurants have been forced to innovate significantly.

Digital ordering for restaurants is the new normal.

Customers Demand A Digital Experience. 

A customer’s digital interaction with a restaurant will be increasingly important. 83% of diners say that online reservations are essential when it comes to choosing a restaurant to visit.

Customers will expect to interact with restaurants online, whether to make reservations, place orders, give feedback in a survey, or stay up to date on the newest events through social media or an email newsletter.

Make Sure You Offer Everything The Customers Need 

Engage visitors online in a variety of ways, and search for digital interfaces that improve rather than complicate the consumer experience:

  • Provide a white-labelled reservations platform rather than the software’s brand displayed to customers during the booking process.
  • Create a virtual waitlist so customers can easily wait for a table from any location.
  • A direct online ordering system allows customers to place takeaway orders from their devices.

Digital Orders Will Reign. 

The industry for online ordering and takeout is expanding at a never-before-seen rate. Your customers want to experience going to restaurants again. Even if they don’t book tables, the takeaway will reign supreme. The market for food delivery alone has grown twofold just in the United States and by $150 billion globally since the COVID-19 outbreak began, according to McKinsey. Europe isn’t far behind.

Digital orders for restaurants will never go away. If your restaurant doesn’t provide convenient options for takeaway, you can be sure that your customers will go to your rivals’ restaurants to appease their appetites.

Implement takeout services using an online ordering system if you don’t already. Mynt has the solution just for you.

Although they are a simple place to start, third-party platforms and apps can significantly reduce your income.

A commission-free or low commission model, direct online ordering platform is obviously the better solution since it allows you to keep your revenues and gives you access to consumer information to build relationships with your clients.

The Polite Kicker… 

To provide their customers with the kind of service they deserve, future restaurants will need to concentrate on utilising data and technology and giving the option of digital ordering. In addition to getting what they want when they want it, diners will long for a degree of service that personalises offerings and makes it simpler for them to choose when to make reservations or what to order.

Let Mynt handle your complete fully automated ordering system with the addition of loyalty. Your customers will keep coming back and you’ll benefit from a new generation of customer. Get in touch and tell us what you need. Once you’re Myntd, you’ll never look back.