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5 Successful Customer Loyalty Programs for your Restaurant


Did you know that one of the best methods to encourage repeat business is to develop a restaurant loyalty program?

Restaurants rely on customer loyalty to survive in a sector prone to economic and consumer preference changes. Regular customers, not one-time visitors, are what keep your business alive.

A well-run loyalty program will improve your understanding of your customers while boosting sales, brand sustainability, and growth. A poorly executed one could have the opposite effect.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs: What are they?

A restaurant loyalty program is a customer loyalty program created expressly with diners in mind. Client spending is tracked through advanced analytics, which subsequently honour that loyalty with points that can be redeemed for gifts.

Discounted meals, free menu items, or even access to special events and services, like a wine tasting or a celebrity chef visit to your restaurant, are everyday rewards for the modern restaurant loyalty program.

Five Innovative Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas

We’re sharing our best customer loyalty program method with you in the hopes that they may inspire you now that you know what customer loyalty might mean for your restaurant. They include:

1. Loyalty built through an app

Owning your app is one of the best ways to obtain client information and is highly convenient for restaurants. Customers only need to download the app, register, and begin earning real coins.

The main advantages and characteristics of developing an app for your reward program are:

  • Voucher management
    Using a personalized coupon code when they place an order, you can provide your customers with a range of discounts and special offers.
  • Returning clients
    By forming good habits, digital loyalty is consistent and aids in increasing your number of repeat customers. Customers are aware of the benefits and have the option of receiving prompts for any great deals you make.
  • Electronic stamp cards
    Give up your old-fashioned paper stamp card. No one has the time to dig through their wallet to find stamps and rewards because they might be based on any combination of goods bought or money spent. With Mynt we actually got rid of stamping completely. Our customers benefit from earning real coins with every purchase that adds real value to their next purchase.
  • Expand while integrating loyalty
    Using a unique QR code scanned with your mobile app allows users to accrue and use rewards online and offline.
  • Discount for first orders
    To encourage signups, give first-time consumers a discount on their first purchase from you. It’s a fantastic approach to expanding your database.
  • Set up a loyalty program
    To get them to join your loyalty program, ask clients a few questions, such as their birthdate or preferred product.
  • Secret menus for the most loyal
    Now for all those hardcore loyal fans of your food, open up secret menus when they reach a certain tier. They will be surprised and rewarded all at the same time and the best thing, they will tell everyone you have secret menus that aren’t available anywhere else. This level of VIP relationship will endear your customer even more, mayne even for life.

2. Points-Based Rewards

Customers who participate in a loyalty program based on points are given a particular amount of points for each Euro they spend. Most restaurants with this kind of scheme award one point for every Euro spent.

Then, customers can exchange their earnings for the food or merchandise you choose, for credit to spend in your restaurant or both. For instance, if customers have 100 points, you might allow them to cash out for a €10 credit or exchange their points for a complimentary side dish.

3. Subscriber Rewards

When subscribers reach specific membership milestones, they are rewarded as part of a subscription-based rewards program. For instance, you could charge a certain amount for a meal kit subscription plan and offer prizes to clients who have been members for a predetermined time.

During the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, when many restaurants introduced subscription-based services to increase sales, this kind of rewards scheme was incredibly well-liked.

4. Cash-back for the next meal

You may give a percentage cash-back reward that can be redeemed against any of their subsequent purchases in place of the more conventional “buy 10 get your next meal free” type of deal. Although it costs you the same overall, it is a little more customer-adaptable.

For instance, some people will only redeem when a free meal is available. Some people will build up their credit to purchase an item with a higher ticket price or to treat their friends and family. Some people will regularly use their 10% off every other meal. In any case, you’ll have repeat customers who are more inclined to bring friends.

5. Promotional Rewards

Members of this kind of restaurant loyalty program get prizes with expiration dates that tempt them to order or dine with you during a specific window. These incentives don’t have to be connected to any particular spending patterns. Instead, you can offer them as unexpected promos to encourage consumers to dine with you on their birthday or to increase sales during quiet times, for example.

Make sure clients aren’t abusing the system by enrolling in the loyalty program, changing contact information, and periodically auditing your member list if you promote giving a birthday coupon or anything similar. Remember that your loyalty program should generate more revenue than it costs.

The Bottom Line

Marketing to consumers already familiar with and devoted to your restaurant is significantly less expensive and time-consuming than trying to win over new ones. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to maximize your current customer base is to implement a customer loyalty program for your restaurant.

Find the best customer loyalty software to support your program, choose a rewards system that benefits your company and customers, and then sit back and enjoy (your own) rewards.

Why don’t you try it out for real. Mynt is available in many restaurants throughout Helsinki and expanding to other regions fast. We’re providing restaurants and bars loyalty solutions bespoke to their needs with QR coded table ordering, loyalty based real coin rewards and many new features rolling out soon through the Mynt App.

Take a look at what what Mynt can do for you or talk to sales.

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